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Push-up bra with matching string bikini bottom

wireless bra with matching bikini bottom lingerie

Something About the Lingerie Fabric

If you want to know more about lingerie, you should know something about its fabric as well as its basic structure and functions.

The lingerie fabric can be divided into several types. The following are some:

1 Silk

The quality of silk is very good and you will feel good if you touch it. Meanwhile, it has good sweat absorption and good breathability.

It has only one weakness. That is it is hard to be washed. When you wash it, you should rub it gently or you should dry clean it.

Silk looks elegant and luxurious. This is the feature that cotton doesn't possess.

Moreover, it is natural and sleek, which Lycra can't compare to. If you make a piece of lingerie by matching it with French lace or Switzerland embroidery, the lingerie will look splendid and graceful.

You can't obtain the same effect by using other types of fabrics.

Wired lace bra with matching G-string bikini bottom

Underwired lace bra with matching strapped G-string bottom lingerie

2 Cotton

Cotton has good sweat absorption and breathability. It can keep warm well, so it is comfortable to wear.

It is often used to make girls' lingerie because it is easy to be dyed and printed.

The young girl who wears the lingerie printed with lovely and beautiful pattern will look vigorous and energetic. In the recent years, many manufacturers blend cotton with other types of fibers, for example, they blend it with the chemical fiber to make briefs.

The briefs made of this fabric can maintain their shape perfectly, and they won't make you feel stuffy.

3 Nylon

Nylon is firm and it can't be out of shape easily. The strap of the bra is mostly made of it.

4 Polyurethane

It has good flexibility so that it is often used to make the wide chest band of the bra.

When you twist your body, you won't feel uncomfortable because the bra is too tight.

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Pink underwired lace bra with matching G-string bottom

Pink underwired embroidered strapped bra with matching G-string bottom lingerie

5 Lycra

Lycra is similar as rubber. It was invented in the 1960s by American DuPont Company. It is a type of spandex.

If you lengthen it with your two hands, its can be lengthened to 4 to 7 times of its previous length, but if you release it, it will restore to its previous state.

Therefore, Lycra is elastic, comfortable and supportive. The lingerie made of it can fit the body closely and it isn't apt to wrinkle or be out of shape.

The bra, briefs and socks made of Lycra are all beautiful and of high quality. If you match it with sexy lace, it will be fantastic.

Lycra can be blended with all other types of fabrics. However, it can't be used singly.

6 Some original fabrics

Currently, some novel fabrics are the favorite of some lingerie designers. They include a lot such as Cambodia, singeing silk cotton and tiffanies.

These fabrics are soft, elastic, sleek and tight. Moreover, they are colorful and smooth, and they never shrink or fade color.

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